6 Most Simple Ideas For YouTube Marketing You Didn’t Think Of


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While you think of prospering in your business, YouTube marketing can surely drive everything forward.

You can’t deny the fact that videos can always help you present complex ideas.

But, as you try to be in the competitive race, here are some ways on how you can gain results from YouTube videos.

1. Always Think Out-of-the-box

If you are creating a video about a dog playing the piano just for the sake of those likes, then it would certainly not do.

Instead, you need to address the needs of the audience and create videos to capture the attention via YouTube marketing.

It could either be about an interview with someone, How To’s or answers to questions asked frequently.


2. Make Your Video Prominent

If you wish your video to be among the top search engine results, then you should focus on Title, Description, and Tags.

While the title should have the targeted keywords within the first three words, you shouldn’t be stingy in writing a description.

Once you are done, you shouldn’t forget to include the targeted keywords in the tag.

3. Show Off Your Brand-Building Strategy With YouTube Marketing

As you spend bucks for becoming a YouTube Partner, you can grab the opportunity to create an experience like never before.

A custom background can look vibrant with matching colors.

Moving ahead, you should always set the ‘Autoplay’ option so that the total number of views can impact the visibility in a positive way.

Creating a playlist can just feature the best content with the most popular videos.

For instance, if you are happy in offering a holistic approach for different ailments, then you could build on the playlist with videos like ‘Home remedies for a sore throat’ or ‘Natural remedies for overcoming hypertension’.

This video provides tips on how to build a flourishing business with YouTube and create a strong brand. Watch on to know more –

4. Use Annotations For Building Subscribers

Once you start posting videos, you must add annotations on top of the videos and include links to other playlists, channels or videos.

In case you need to lure individuals to an updated video, then you can search for the original video and embed a relevant link.

Here is a complete step by step guide on how to use annotations in a YouTube video by Hubspot.


5. Remember To Post A Bulletin

Under the ‘post bulletin’ tab, you can create a bulletin and include a link to direct the visitor to a video.

Web traffic is bound to be generated once the video appears on the home pages of subscribers.

6. Review YouTube Insights

Just like Google Analytics, YouTube also offers insights of who have watched the video and how they came across the video.

You can either gather information from every video or a playlist with a set of videos.

Reviewing the videos along with the comments and likes would help you determine which type of content resonates with the audience.

Don’t forget to leverage social media platforms to let others know about the videos.

A blog post with a keyword-rich title can be written to complement the video.

Additionally, you can use clickable icons so that people can share the post on different networking sites.

Apart from posting the content on Facebook and Twitter, social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon can certainly be powerful to drive web traffic.

All the above ideas, if implemented well, can yield maximum ROI (Return on Investment) for your YouTube marketing efforts.

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