6 Unexpected Ways Of Video Content Marketing That Can Boost Your Business


video content marketing

You would never deny the fact that videos surely grab the attention of visitors coming to a web page.

Rather than tagging it as a trend, it is an excellent way to create brand awareness.

So, if you need to rule in the market, you must go through video content marketing tactics listed below.

1. Enhance SEO

Before creating amazing videos, people should always know that you exist.

SEO practices matter most when you are laying a strong foundation.

While you can register your business in local directories, it’s essential to double-check contact information.

This includes the business name, address, and phone number.

If you miss out checking the information, then non-identical listings can confuse search engines.

As you optimize the site code, ensure to be consistent in presenting the business’ contact information.

Consider posting a local map in the footer and include more keywords in the meta tags.

After all, a local search can actually bring customers to you if your workplace is within 5 miles.


2. Unleash The Power Of  Facebook Ads

With little investment, you can always present videos through Facebook’s advertising platform.

We published a post earlier on – How Facebook Canva Ads can leave a mind-boggling impression in the minds of ad visitors.

Just make sure that the ad has a call-to-action so that people are driven to the strategic landing page.

Once they visit the page, you could generate a lead and capture information with the help of an online form.

We also published an article earlier for Facebook Live enthusiasts who want to engage with their customers on a regular basis, here is the link.


3. Use YouTube Ads To Reach Your Audience

YouTube is another platform you can opt for advertising your services.

The best part is that you get numerous options like Pre-Roll Videos, Suggested Videos, and Promoted Search.

Pre-Roll Videos are short duration videos for targeting people.  

But, it’s exciting to know that promoted search helps you set only those videos which you wish to show.

Here is a video by Neil Patel for awesome hacks for YouTube SEO


4. Create a YouTube Video Channel

Publishing videos on YouTube can actually help you gain 30 million views every day.

As a bonus, Google selects relevant videos from YouTube that are later included in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Based on the keyword research, your videos would be visible in the topmost results in a couple of weeks.

Finally, you shouldn’t forget to link the YouTube Channel with the company’s website.

This would certainly help Google to know what the marketing team is up to.

Read this article to read more about YouTube marketing tactics.


5. Transcribe Videos

Transcribing videos can make a lot of difference when the videos have to be in the SERPs.

You can place the transcriptions in the YouTube’sAbout Section’ and next to the embedded videos.

In case this task seems tedious, then you can use web-based speech recognition tools.


6. Write Compelling Titles

It’s easy to make a video, but people would only notice the digital content when the title seems good.

If the title doesn’t stir up the interest, then your marketing efforts are worthless.

For many, writing titles couldn’t be easy as they think about.

This is because they have to check out what people and search engines actually love.

So, when it comes to video titles, you should frame it with the main keyword towards the start.

If it’s required, you can also place some contact information within the title.

This would surely help the video grab the topmost position in the search engine results.


Video content will always rule the internet, and people are consuming video content like anything.

Here, is a complete guide to video marketing from Hubspot.

Eventually, your video marketing success would depend on what you present.

You would far behind in the competitive race if the video doesn’t answer different questions.

So, as you try to achieve success, you should put yourself in the shoes of the prospects.

This tip would help you move on with a keyword research.

Once you have understood the preferences, you should use a unique brand voice to enhance interactivity.

Without voice consistency, you wouldn’t be adding weight to your message.

Here’s why video is the future of content marketing.

We would like to hear from you as we let you know more about video marketing.

Do leave behind a comment if you have tried out any other tactic.

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