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It was way back in 2015 when Periscope started gaining popularity.

While Twitter’s live streaming app enabled users to shoot moments, they can be shared easily on social networking sites.

Twitter's Live Streaming App



For instance, one of my best friends used Periscope to shoot his mate’s dog trotting across the seashore.

Soon after she shared the link across social circles, a huge number of followers enjoyed watching the four-legged friend in real time.

But, that’s not a purpose when you’re running a business.

With a host of features, Periscope has definitely been far different and has empowered marketing professionals in a different way.

Quite surprisingly, the app allows users to post live video streams of what they had been doing at that instance to enhance the experience at various events across the year.

So, to get the most out of Periscope, we have rounded up 4 quick tips that would surely help you with live streaming.

1. Consider The Time

Before you start using Periscope especially for the first time, you should always do your research diligently about the Twitter audience.

There’s nothing to worry about even if the followers miss out on the videos.

The app would save the video by default and make it available to followers till the next day.

As for the length of the live broadcast, keep the video as short as possible.

Nobody is going to spend time watching those moments when a feature-rich smartphone is bound to divert the attention.

If those minutes are not going to pique the interest, then users would simply close the app.

Here, is a short video on how to use timestamps on Twitter.


2. Include a Compelling Title

“The title of the video matters most.”

Especially when users are scrolling through the ‘Featured’ / ‘Recent’ stream section.

All they will see is the title and the presenter’s name.

So, as you add a title to the video, be smart in arranging the words.

For instance, if your video is about a product, then make sure that you use the product name within the first few words of the title.

For an exclusive title, you can state ‘I’m live at the conference that I am attending’.

If that seems to be simple, then play around with the words and come up with –
A Back-Stage Look into the conference’.

A compelling title can attract a number of visitors.

Kim Garst, a social media expert, shares her insight into how Twitter and Periscope are two tools you can use to build your business into a social media powerhouse.

3. Enhance Visibility

When you are shooting through Periscope, you can quickly move on with private broadcast, share the broadcast on Twitter and even share the location.

To get more views, it’s recommended to share the broadcast and enable the location tagging option.

Through this way, you would be able to reach out to many social media users and can make it for a long tail strategy.

4. Be Instant In Responding

The best part of Periscope is that people can view the video and at the same time leave behind a comment and hit ‘like’.

But, even if there are many things jotted in the ‘To-do’ list, you shouldn’t forget to respond and bring in a delight with the two-way conversation.

Once you have received hoards of hearts, you can get the usernames under ‘Popular People to Follow’.

The ‘Most Loved’ section also gives you a list of users who have never been hesitant to click hearts.

Periscope gives you an opportunity to work with what type of digital content you should post online.

As soon as the video ends, the app gives you the number of views, how many users saw the video again, and the hearts that it received.

Don’t forget to ensure that the background is peaceful and silent.

In case the microphone captures the noise, then it is going to ruin your marketing efforts.

After all, you shouldn’t lament after spending time for the shoot you had planned for.

Periscope was one of the most sought-after live streaming apps, however, now it has completely lost its momentum.

Mashable.com has mentioned Twitter Periscope as a complete mess in this exhaustive article.

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