10 Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Instagram Video Ads

Instagram video ads
Instagram Video Ads

With more than 400 million users, Instagram has always served to be a compelling platform for marketers.

Instagram Ads offers a plethora of options including photo ads, video ads, and carousel ads with the latter options offering motion, sound and sight.

But, when you know that videos have the immense potential to grab the attention, here are a few tips you need to follow to boost the effectiveness of Instagram Video Ads.

1. Make The First Few Seconds Count

Instagram users usually scroll feeds in no time.

So, if you want them to stop, you should be ready for making compelling Instagram Video Ads.

The first three seconds should actually make individuals eager to know what’s going to happen right till the end.  

Make sure that there’s a lot of motion within those seconds.

If the few seconds aren’t subtle, then the users won’t care about what you wish to convey.

2. Add Text

Since Instagram Video Ads are muted by default, you can get across with more than just captions.

Certain applications aid you to create dynamic text effects and highlight main points that you don’t want the user to miss.  

While you succeed in piquing the audience’s interests, users would surely enjoy watching the entire video.

However, too much text cannot only overwhelm the viewer but also clutter the video.

3. Offer A Solution

It’s pointless and worthless if you wouldn’t be able to offer value.

You could just go on and on just for the sake of promoting your services.

But, that won’t work if you haven’t come up with a solution to the problems you identify.

Whatever it might be, your aim should be to create an emotional bond and kindle curiosity of what you have in store.

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4. Stay Focused On 1 Goal

Shuttling from one objective to the other wouldn’t really help to accomplish the goal.

You may think about creating brand awareness or educating users about the products the company offers.

But, incorporating everything into one advertisement could mean bombarding digital content.

Rather than watching the video, users would just scroll past the ad.

So, once you are targeting the customer base, you should create video content based on what others expect from you.

5. Take Care Of The Size

Unlike Facebook, in-feed videos can’t be blown up to cover the entire screen of the smartphone.

However, when it comes to Instagram stories, the video should be crafted so that that it fills the screen vertically.

We recommend you to use 1:1 as the aspect ratio and 1080 x 1920 pixels as the resolution for Instagram stories.

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6. Think About Thumbnails

While you are shooting a video, you shouldn’t forget about thumbnails.

This feature would determine whether someone is keen in watching the video, is clicking the post, and ultimately end up going through the profile.

So, even if it’s a hectic schedule, you should incorporate the desired thumbnail into the video.

7. Optimize The Landing Page

With the ever increasing trend of using smartphones, make sure that the site has been optimized for smartphones.

It might be quite annoying when the user clicks ‘Learn More’ and is directed to a web page that’s not been optimized.

You would lose the user and can never expect him for coming back to you.

8. Be Consistent With Visuals

For the desired momentum, you should always take care of the colors, style of the video, and the music in the video ad.

Every single component may make the video stand out and impact the digital content significantly.

If the message is not in line with the brand identity, then users are bound to skip watching the video and scrolling way ahead.

9. Add A Clear Call-To-Action

Always keeps the call to action as simple as possible and never be in a hurry to finish off with the message.

You shouldn’t compel them to scratch their heads and compel them to search for call-to-action.

Instead, you should give them a quick way to check out the website once the video advertisement ends.

10. Test The Video

Even if you have developed the knack of creating Instagram Video Ads, you shouldn’t forget to A/B test them.

Push yourself to create multiple versions and see what would work best with the audience.

For enhancing the results, you could take advantage of Instagram tools and try to transform the experience.

After all, your efforts should pay off when you aspire to create a huge number of leads.

Finally, to ensure that the prospect spends more time on the video ads, think about creating seamless looping videos.

These tips would certainly create a difference and impress the Instagram user.

The marketers can leverage the fact that users under 25 years old spend more than 32 minutes a day on the Instagram.

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