Facebook Live Video – 7 Tips That Makes You A “Superstar”


Are you seeking to put a dent in the universe?

Then, without any doubt, Facebook Live can serve to be a better tool for promoting your business.

With the increasing number of Facebook users, you can always garner the attention of the audience.

In one of our previous articles, we gave away 5 simple tricks for – How you can engage with your target audience with Facebook Canvas ads?

So, here are some tips for creating engaging videos for Facebook Live

1. Consider Investing

When your team is really working hard on improving the quality of videos, you should always exude professionalism.

That’s the main reason why we recommend you to buy basic equipment.

While a high-end smartphone can just work for you, a small tripod can really make your videos stable.

You can stop by at the local outlet and purchase a decent tripod without feeling the pinch.

If you are recording from a location, then rather than a tripod, a selfie stick is a better option.


2. Be Smart With Lighting

Lighting is essential because it impacts the overall quality of the video.

If you are recording around a bustling street, then nothing should be a problem as long as it’s quite sunny outdoors. 

But, if you are shooting something at your workplace, then try out different lighting options and start off only when you are confident of what’s best.

Usually, you would be able to deliver an experience only when fixtures are able to illuminate the space.


3. Test Before Going Live

A few glitches can always ruin the visitor’s experience and lead to disappointment.

So, you should test everything well before time.

Record a couple of test videos till you are comfortable with the camera just in front of you. 

With this, you would learn what would move on smoothly rather than being hasty when something freezes up.

This video from WireBuzz explains – How you can test your Facebook Live Video?



4. Check The Internet Connectivity

Recording live simply requires a strong connection.

If you aren’t able to find a network, then Wi-Fi works best.

But, if that’s not the case, then a 5G connection can keep you away from the issues.

Stay alert enough to see the weak signal indicated by a gray ‘Go Live’ button.


5. Be Ready And Prepared

So, for the show that must go on, you should be totally aware of what you are going to talk about. 

As you list down two to three points, make sure you address them in a logical way.

In case you won’t be sparing time to improvise, then there’s no point.

After all, you must know that time is valuable for you and the audience.

Rather than confusing them, you should be steady and clear in what you are trying to deliver.

“Using Facebook Live can either win or lose the hearts of visitors.”


6. Just Be Yourself

While you are presenting yourself, just don’t sound as if you have mugged up a video script.

Just be natural and be prepared to face everything that comes your way.

In the end, achieving a balance between the outline and spontaneity can keep things on track.

The interest to listen to you should stay alive from start till the end.


7. Play On For A Longer Time

Staying live on Facebook for a long time span is a great way to maximize the engagement level.

Facebook suggests you be online for at least 10 minutes, but you can go on and on for three hours. 

While 90 minutes is a pretty long time, 15 to 30 minutes can just be right until you have got used to Facebook Live.

Once you are familiar with the process, you can just go on depending on how well you want to keep the audience busy. 

Finally, you should be prompt in reacting to the viewer’s comments.

Addressing viewers with their names can make a lot of difference because this is what would bring them closer. 

A quick recap after a few minutes can just keep everyone on the same page.

Keep the recaps brief or else it might annoy viewers who have been watching the video from the start.

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