5 Things You Need To Know About Facebook Canvas Today


While storytelling prevails in the digital marketing landscape, Facebook Canvas offers an interactive and innovative way for brand awareness.

The results have been impressive on mobile as it actually grabs the interest till the end.

So, if you would like to explode brand visibility, here are few tips you need to follow for creating engaging and effective content on mobile-specific platforms.

1. Follow The Landscape Scope

Since the trend started to emerge, marketing professionals have been placing videos at the top of the Facebook Canvas. 

Even though portrait videos might add on to the immersive experience, brands are using creativity for displaying videos in landscape mode.

As the entire screen is covered, users have to turn their phones sideways.

2. Use Different Components

If you wish to take engagement and interactivity to the next level, then a combination of images, videos, text boxes, and carousels can simply work.

Carousel images are a great way to tell the story in two parts.

This is better than a tilt image because facts could be correlated without losing focus.

No matter what, a tilt image would be old-fashioned when you want the ad to be remembered.

3. Use Cinegraphs

Creating dynamic images with the best creative tools can just catch the attention and encourage the user to linger for a long time.

This approach served to be best as it delivers two to five times Click-Through-Rate than still images.

To create that exceptional quality, the graphic designers have to work only on a portion of the digital content for Facebook Canvas.

4. Include Video Thumbnails

For making your Canvas stand out in the sea of posts, you should put in some effort in the thumbnail asset.

Facebook Canvas automatically adds ‘Tap to Open’ just to direct the visitor.

Once the visitor taps on the arrowhead, the images would start scrolling in the upward direction.

Moreover, squarish videos with 628 pixels along the length and the width can offer ample space and look appealing than the regular resolution.

5. Share Canvas Preview

Before making anything live, you can always share the Facebook Canvas preview if you are logged into as the Admin.

You just have to do some minor changes rather than going back to square one with layout mockups.

QuickTime could also be a way to share the Canvas Ad for the client’s approval.

For staying ahead of time, it’s better to join the Canvas group just to check how companies are using the tool.

Ultimately, an A/B testing can help you know if a creative idea would actually work.

While the image ratio should be 1.9:1 and must be of size 1,200 x 628 pixels, the headline should not exceed 45 characters.

Don’t forget to highlight the Call-To-Action with a suitable color shade or an outline that stand out.

When it’s about videos, they should be at least 720 p and not more than 2 minutes in length.

Getting inspiration from other designs can hopefully set you ahead on the right path for an impactful Canvas ad.

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